2018 . 08 . 14

Possible Reimbursement of Medical Costs Abroad

The services provided in our clinic are recognised by the majority of main (health) insurers (you can find the list below). These companies can, thus, reimburse certain medical expenses even if you undergo the treatment abroad* (in another EU member state, such as Lithuania). UK patients are not excluded (in theory until the exit from the EU, but possibly even after that).

How does this work

  1. When making a payment for medical services at our clinic, please inform us that you will seek a reimbursement for the treatment
  2. Our clinic will issue an invoice + all the required documents for the insurance provider. Should you have any questions about these documents, please contact us
  3. Once back at home email/post these documents to your insurer
  4. If your contract covers the treatment, you will be reimbursed accordingly

If you are unsure whether your treatment is covered, please contact your health insurance company.

Treatments that are likely to be reimbursed (yet, that depends on every individual case, as well as insurer’s policies): tummy tuck, breast reduction, arm lift and thigh lift (usually, after bariatric/weight-loss treatment), eyelid correction, nose bridge correction, snorring treatment, etc.

*Read more about reimbursement of medical costs abroad (in another EU member state) here.

Insurers that recognise our services

  • Allianz Worldwide International Ltd.
  • Aidicall
  • Aetna International
  • AXA-PPP International
  • AP-COMPANIES Global Solutions LTD
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • BUPA International
  • Cigna International
  • Class Assistance Ltd.
  • Europaeiske
  • Europeiska Insurance Co.
  • Eurooppalainen
  • GBG/Tiecare International
  • Gouda Travel Insurance and Assistance
  • Healix International
  • IMG (International Medical Group)
  • Inter Mutuelles Assistance
  • J. Van Breda & CO International
  • MetLife Inc. (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company)
  • Remed assistance
  • Seven Corners Insurance Solutions Inc.
  • SOS International
  • Tapiola Insurance Group
Written by: Gedas Kondrackis
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