Wishing for a flat tummy?

Weight loss or pregnancy may often result in extra abdominal skin, fat, and stretched abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck is a procedure to get your abdomen back to its ideal shape.

Tummy tuck abroad

Tummy tuck procedure: the lower abdomen is incised and the skin, together with the fat tissue, is raised up. Abdominal muscles are then tightened and shortened. Lastly, excess fat and skin are removed.

  • Result: tummy back to its ideal shape
  • Can be combined with: body & breast lifts, liposuction
  • It’s done under general anesthesia by a team of experienced surgeons
  • The surgery takes 2-3 hours to complete
  • All-inclusive price: from €3,475 / £3,102 (no hidden costs)
  • Trustpilot rating (by UK & EU patients): 4.8/5. Top Clinic in Lithuania, EU
  • Safely flying back home: 5 days after the surgery



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Tummy tuck FAQs

Who does this surgery?

Stretched abdominal muscles, excess skin, and fat in the abdominal area may oftentimes happen because of extreme weight loss or pregnancy. To alter the abdomen area, a tummy tuck procedure is performed. Though, in case your only worry is a surplus amount of fat in the abdominal area, liposuction alone may be enough to get the desired result. If you are unsure, simply sign up for a free e-consultation with our surgeon.

How does the surgery go? What about the result/scars?
  1. Usually, a patient has excess fat and skin in the abdominal region. Scar length varies depending on the amount of extra skin. The scar will be put below the bikini line.
  2. In the case of muscle stretching because of pregnancy, they are brought back together;
  3. Surplus skin is pulled down and removed.
  4. The belly button is brought through the skin to its normal location. The scars are hidden in the bikini line. They will be hidden, but they do exist. The scars can stretch over time because of tension. If anything, they can be bettered in one year after the surgery, during a scar revision.

For all the swelling to go away completely, it can take months. Right after the procedure, patients frequently complain about numbness in the abdominal region and thighs. The sensation usually comes back over time. Scars left around the abdomen and belly button sequentially fade and become less obvious.


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What is Mommy makeover?

It’s a surgery when a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is combined with other body & breast lifts. In other words, the patient gets a complete makeover.

The name comes from the fact that the surgery is usually done for mums (after one or more pregnancies).

What about the clinic & surgeons?

We like to say that our clinic (based in Lithuania, EU) is not a factory. That is we work only with a limited number of patients per year. That helps us to provide our best and give much-needed personal attention to the patients.

The clinic itself is equipped with the newest medical technologies. Naturally, it checks all the EU care standards and employs maximum safety measures. After surgeries, the patients stay in cozy single-bed rooms. It makes your recovery calm and pleasant.

Our brand is rated 4.8/5 by hundreds of UK & EU patients. See their (video) reviews here.

Read about our surgeons at the bottom of this page.

What exactly is included in the package?
  • Everything for the treatment, anesthesia, 1-2 nights of hospitalization;
  • Needed consultations, medical tests;
  • Finding the best airplane ticket deals & accommodation;
  • Meeting at the airport, personal driver within Lithuania;
  • 24/7 assistance in Lithuania;
  • Help with after-care, and reliable insurance covering surgical malpractice.
What about the possible complications and what if something goes wrong?

Complications are rare. They include bleeding, healing problems, infections, and asymmetry. The skin is weakened during the procedure, so there is a slim risk of loss of some skin due to insufficient circulation of blood. This risk is bigger for people with certain types of old scars and for people who smoke. It is crucial to quit smoking and use aspirin at least 14 days before the surgery.

While you are still in Lithuania: in case you are feeling unwell or there is anything abnormal, you will be immediately checked upon by the medical personnel. Should there be a need for a follow-up procedure, it would be carried out for you free of charge.

A complication in the later stages of the recovery is even rarer and most of the time not an emergency. If they happen, our surgeon will consult you online and explain the steps to take.


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What is the required stay abroad and recovery period?

To guarantee your safety it is required to stay abroad (our clinic is based in Lithuania, EU) for 5 days following the surgery. For adequate recovery: any hard or intense work is prohibited for a month after the procedure and it is recommended to take a rest for 2-3 weeks.

prices given below are exact (without hidden costs).

All-inclusive prices

Our tummy tuck offer includes everything you will need: surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization, transport, etc. There are no hidden costs.

  • Mini tummy tuck – €3,475 / £3,102
  • Tummy tuck with flanks’ liposuction – €3,675 / £3,280
  • Tummy tuck with flanks’ liposuction (big extent) – €3,875 / £3,459
  • An extended tummy tuck with abdomen and flanks’ liposuction – €4,575 / £4,084
  • Mommy makeover – from €7,275 / £6,125
Our all-inclusive price
Average price in the UK
Our all-inclusive price
Average price in the UK

What makes us different?

We like to say that our clinic is not a factory. That is we work only with a limited number of patients per year. That helps us to provide the best service and give much-needed personal attention to our patients.

The clinic itself is equipped with the newest medical technologies. Naturally, it covers all the EU care standards and employs the maximum safety measures. After surgery patients stay in cozy single-bed rooms. It makes your recovery calm and pleasant.


What's included in the price

Flights & accommodation

Don't worry, our travel manager will offer you a few best alternatives for air travel. Also, all the prices include overnight stay & care at the clinic.

Personal travel manager & 24/7 assistance

Many clinics these days have lost the personal touch with their patients. However, with us you will always have someone to talk to, rely upon and take care of you (if anything).

Pick-up/drop-off & transportation

You will be picked up (and dropped off) in the airport by your travel manager. All the transportation between the clinic and hotel is also included.

Extra phone + local call credit

We are just a phone call away if needed. Thus, we provide our patients with extra phones with local SIM cards and unlimited call credit.

Help with after-care

At all times you will have direct contact with the surgeon and your travel manager. Who will answer your questions & provide recommendations.

Insurance & Safety

Our patients are covered by a reliable insurance covering surgical malpractice Yet, first & foremost, we ensure maximum safety.

we respect your privacy & ensure that your information is used/kept securely.

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