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Breast correction after pregnancy is great way to boost your confidence!

Breast augmentation has always been a topic of discussion and continue being one of the most commonly done plastic operation worldwide.

Well known artists and performers of Lithuania Irūna Puzaraitė-Čepononienė and Ineta Puzaraitė-Žvagulienė have been following the path of life together since childhood, supporting each other: in childhood they started their musical path and became famous in the group “Mokinukės”, celebrated each other’s wedding, shared advice on raising children, no wonder shape correction decided together. And it will happen today!

“Because of my boyish figure, I never got complex, but after two pregnancies and births I had a desire to get bigger and more youthful breasts and it was only matter of time time before I went to the plastic surgeon ” Iruna says, and her sister Ineta agrees.

A year ago, both women, who came to the consultation of Darius Bagdanavičius, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon  discussed when the most appropriate time would be to correct their breast shapes. “We measured breast implants of various sizes, talked about the course of the operation, the postoperative period. Since I was still breastfeeding my little one at the time, the plans had to be postponed significantly because, above all, I wanted to calmly wait for this phase of mine as a mother to end naturally. It is very important to prioritize life correctly according to what is most important before deciding on something – to think carefully so that you do not regret it afterwards. That’s right, I decided – first of all – motherhood, and beauty can wait. Since our sister and I had many coincidences in our lives, even children at the same time, it was true that I was expecting a firstborn, and Ineta was already expecting a second”- says Iruna.

The interlocutors say that they came to the consultation with positive feedback about the doctor and all the staff , and the acquaintance only confirmed this: “Warm reception, sincere and direct communication whenever you come. You can both make fun of and discuss even the strangest details, ”says Irūna and Ineta.

According to D. Bagdanavičius, a doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery, there are still many myths in society about plastic surgery operations and motherhood: Motherhood and plastic surgery are compatible things, only sometimes, as happened in this case, the realization of the dream requires more time and patience. Many women who have given birth come to me for a consultation on tummy tuckbreast surgeries, removal of unwanted fat deposits, etc. during the pregnancy, ”says the doctor.

As both patients do not rule out the possibility of having more babies in the future, the most relevant question for both of them was similar – whether the operation will not damage the milk ducts and whether it will be possible to breastfeed in the future. However, Dr. D. Bagdanavičius managed to reassure and encourage the women, explaining that breast implants will not affect breastfeeding. Since Iruna and Ineta’s first consultation  took place a year ago, there was enough time to seriously consider the decision made on breast shape adjustment, to evaluate all the pros and cons. “We’ve never had very expressive, feminine body shapes, and when you can compare what your breasts look like during breastfeeding and how you fall apart afterwards — until pregnancy 100 percent. the unsatisfied image in the mirror is now even less attractive, ”the interlocutors claim.

“Oh, I want to look beautiful, I want to feel female!” I invite all moms, and not just moms, all women, to wait for nothing and fulfill their dreams right now. For me personally, more beautiful body shapes mean more self-confidence. If it is possible to correct what nature did not give, then why not? ”

After listening to Darius Bagdanavičius  “lectures” on breast implants, which have a really large selection, both sisters chose Motiva ergonomic gel breast implants, which are recognized as one of the most reliable in the world due to the unique SilkSurface nano surfaces with better biocompatibility, i.e. more natural interaction between the implant and the tissues surrounding it: “No worries, when the clinic and plastic surgeon are among the best in Lithuania, and breast implants are one of the safest in the world! Only a little excitement, because after all – the operation – says the patient.

During the operation, the surgeon will use one of the most advanced no-touch techniques currently in use in the world: breast implants are inserted with the help of a special Keller Funnel sleeve, which results in a much smaller than normal surgical incision (2.5-3 cm), thus and a smaller scar and faster healing after surgery. Also, if breast implants do not come into contact with the patient’s skin, there is a significantly lower chance of infections and complications (such as capsule contracture).

According to plastic and reconstructive surgeon D. Bagdanavičius, honest adherence to postoperative instructions is necessary in order to achieve the best possible result of the operation. About 2 months after the operation, it is recommended to sleep only on your back, to limit physical activity: to wait with sports, not to run, not to lift objects heavier than 5 kg, to move your hands high; but it’s worth the effort!

Written by: Karolis Sulcas
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