Dr. Povilas ΔŒΔ—sna

Orthopaedic surgeon Povilas ΔŒΔ—sna.


Adult hip and knee replacement surgery (primary and revisional). Orthopaedist-traumatologist Povilas ΔŒΔ—sna also consults and treats patients after long bone fractures, in case of pain and disorders after injuries or surgeries.

  • 10 years of work experience;
  • 170-220 surgeries per year.



  • 1991-2003 – Secondary education with honors in Kaunas Jonas Basanavicius secondary school;
  • 2003-2009 – Master of Medicine in Lithuanian University of Health sciences;
  • 2009-2010 – Medical doctor’s professional qualification in Lithuanian University of Health sciences;
  • 2010-2015 – Medical residency, Orthopaedics and traumatology specialization in Lithuanian University of Health sciences.


Work experience

  • 2006 – medical practice in University Hospital UK Bratislava, Slovakia;
  • 2007 – medical practice in Roger Salengro Hospital of the CHRU – Lille. Lille, France;
  • 2009-2010 – Medical internship in Raseiniai city hospital, Lithuania;
  • 2010-2015 – Orthopaedic and traumatology resident at Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos. Lithuania;
  • 2012 – Orthopaedic fellowship about Hip and Knee arthroplasty in Skane University Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics, Lund, Sweden;
  • 2014 – Orthopaedic fellowship in Orthopaedics department, Hip and knee arthroplasty sector in Vilnius Republican University Hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • 2014-2015 – Medical assistant in Orthopaedic and Traumatology II department, Kaunas clinical hospital. Lithuania;
  • 2015 – Orthopaedic and traumatology fellowship in Medical University Salzburg, Austria;
  • From 2015 – Orthopaedic and traumatology surgeon in Orthopaedic and Traumatology II department, Lithuanian University Of Health science Kaunas hospital. Kaunas, Lithuania;
  • From 2015 – Orthopaedic and traumatology surgeon in Jonava city hospital. Jonava, Lithuania;
  • From 2020 – Orthopaedic surgeon at Gijos Klinikos. Kaunas, Lithuania.


Professional memberships

  • 2004-2009 member of Lithuanian medical student association;
  • From 2009 member of Lithuanian Physicians Association;
  • From 2010 member of Lithuanian Society of Orthopaedics and traumatology;
  • From 2010 member of Kaunas regional Orthopaedics and Traumatology Scientific Society;
  • From 2010 Member Of European Federation on National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.



  • 2014 – Orthopaedic and traumatology advanced course, Riga, Latvia;
  • 2015 – Training in Orthopaedic and Traumatology clinic, Tampere, Finland;
  • 2018 – Visiting surgeon program- Total Hip and Knee replacement. Sant Anna Hospital, Brescia, Italy;
  • 2018 – Visiting surgeon program – Total Hip and Knee replacement. Clinic Mont Louis, Paris. France;
  • From 2015 – Active participant in more than forty local or international orthopaedic conferences and seminars around Europe.


The surgeon speaks fluent English and Russian.

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