Dr. Aurimas Å irka

Orthopaedic surgeon Aurimas Å irka, MD, PhD



Joint and Knee Surgery (Primary and Revision Total Joint Replacement Surgery), Unilateral/Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, Diagnosis and Treatment of Implant-Related Infections.


Education & Qualification

  • Sep 2005 – Jun 2011 Medical doctor qualification, integrated studies, Master’s degree
  • Aug 2011 – Jun 2016 Lithuanian University of Health Science, Kaunas Orthopaedist and traumatologist – Licence number MPL-21108 (Residency)
  • Sep 2016 – Jun 2021 Lithuanian University of Health Science Kaunas Clinics, Kaunas Doctor of Medical Sciences, PhD degree Lithuanian University of Health Science, Kaunas



  • Aug 2016 – Present Orthopedic trauma surgeon, Lithuanian University of Health Science Kaunas Hospital, Kaunas
  • Sep 2016 – Present Lecturer, Lithuanian University of Health Science, Kaunas
  • May 2024 – Present Orthopedic trauma surgeon, Gijos Klinikos



  • ASI hip approach, Zimmer Biomet Masterclass course, Austria. Mar 2021
  • ASI approach, Ceraver Academy, France. Sep 2021
  • Microport Masterclass course Germany, Medial-Pivot Evolution and Anteriorpath. Mar 2022
  • Smith&Nephew Cadaver course, REDAPT hip revision system, United Kingdom Oct 2022
  • AAOS Annual Meeting 2023 Las Vegas, USA Mar 2023
  • CCJR Annual Meeting 2023, Orlando, USA Dec 2023
  • MicroPort Orthopedics – HCP/OR Instructor (Present)
  • Jonhson&Jonhson Institute – Primary and revision hip/knee surgeries – HCP/OR Instructor (Present)


The surgeon speaks fluent English and Russian.

Extracurricular activities

  • Foxtrot Study, sub-investigator May 2017 – Sep 2018 Kaunas
  • SELK2-00005 study, sub-investigator Mar 2019 – Dec 2019 Kaunas
  • ANT-005 MAA868 study, subinvestigator Feb 2020 – Feb 2021 Kaunas
  • R9933-DVT-2230 study, sub-investigator Sep 2023 – Present



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