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IMPORTANT NEWS:New regulations were approved for people traveling to Lithuania from foreign countries (incl. Ireland 🇮🇪, The Netherlands 🇳🇱, Denmark 🇩🇰, UK 🇬🇧, Sweden se). From now on, everyone have to represent negative Covid PRC test and isolate during all your stay. Surgery can performed during isolation period. Learn more here or contact us. Most importantly, stay safe & healthy 💙

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Disclaimer: every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad

Our cosy private clinic is settled in a large hospital in Lithuania. Surgeries are performed in spacious and well-appointed operating rooms by a team of some of the best professionals in the country. The clinic specialises in care of patients from Scandinavia, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Top quality owes to experienced surgeons, state-of-art equipment and wide safety measures. Reliable insurance against injuries resulting from malpractice is also provided by the clinic. With the help of travel managers, you will be assisted 24/7 from the start to the late stages of after-care.

Dr Bagdanavicius
Darius Bagdanavicius – plastic and reconstructive surgeon, trained in Lithuania and Europe. Every year performs +300 plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Have +10 years of experience in the field and is already considered among the best in the Baltics.

Short resume of the doctor

Professional & scientific career:
  • 2009 – graduated from former Kaunas University of Medicine (recently renamed to: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
  • 2009-2010 – medical internship at Republican Siauliai Hospital
  • 2010-2017 – residency at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Professional Certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • 2012–2018 – plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Grožio Chirurgija clinic
  • 2018-present – plastic surgeon at Gijos clinic
Internships, trainings & courses:
  • The Mentor Course in Professional Education, Lithuania – 2015;
  • Course “Motiva Reconstructive Surgery of The Breast”, Lithuania – 2015;
  • Uma Jeunesse injection technique training on face aesthetics – 2015;
  • Congress of “World Union of Wound Healing Societies”, Italy – 2016;
  • PromoItalia Practical training on: Tray life: PRP regeneration hosted by Valerio Matano – 2016;
  • Congress of “European Wound Management Association”, The Netherlands – 2017;
  • “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the 21st Century – Possibilities and Challenges”, Lithuania – 2017;
  • The Successful Attendance and Completion of MotivaHybrid Masterclass hosted by Prof. Marcos Sforza, Lithuania – 2018;
  • B-Lite Master Class Workshop hosted by Dr. Jacky Govrin, Israel – 2018;
  • Beauty Through Science International Aesthetic Medicine Congress, Sweden – 2018.
Hobbies: cycling, travelling, nature.
Dr. Gintaras Papeckys
Doctor Gintaras Papeckys has over 25 years of experience and already performed +6000 surgeries. He is a full member of Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a member of International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association.

Short resume of the doctor

In 1981, G. Papečkys graduated from the Medical Care Department at Kaunas University of Medicine with highest distinction. He was working in the Surgery Clinics of one of the largest institutions of medical care in Lithuania – Kaunas Academical Clinics – for thirteen years.

The surgeon is a full member of Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a member of International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Gintaras Papečkys has upgraded his qualification in Austria, Belgium, Greece, France, Russia, the United States of America, and Italy.

  • At 1981 – graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine;
  • 1981-1994 – plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Kaunas University of Medicine;
  • 1991 – began to develop the plastic-aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Lithuania.
Dr Loreta Pilipaityte
Loreta Pilipaityte – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Doctor degree in Medicine. Trained in Zurich, Athens and Milan. The Head of LSMU Kaunas klinikos Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Plastic surgery department.

Short resume of the doctor

  • 2013 – defended a doctor dissertation at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;
  • 2014-present – the Head of LSMU Kaunas klinikos Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Plastic surgery department;
  • 2016-present – “Gijos Clinic” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.
Traineeships: at Zurich, Athens, Milan University Hospitals.


  • President of the Lithuanian Wound Management Association (LWMA);
  • Lithuanian society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Foreign languages: English, Russian, German (basic), Polish (basic).

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Advantages of a Treatment with Wellness Travels

Lithuanian clinics/other facilities have to pay smaller rents and taxes than in for instance Scandinavia or Western Europe. Hence they can simply offer you a better price of the final service. Nevertheless, the quality of healthcare is at a similar or even higher level! The doctors at our partner clinics are accredited internationally and have extensive experience in their field. Thus, you can enjoy top-class standard of medicine, while paying an affordable price:

Savings Rates

  • Scandinavian patients save on average -162% on medical treatment!
  • UK and Irish patients save on average -154% on medical treatment!
  • Dutch patients save on average -109% on medical treatment!
  • Even an all-inclusive treatment package has a saving rate from -90% to -50% on average over a treatment in Scandinavia, UK, Ireland or Holland. And that is assuming that it will cost you nothing to stay in your home country.

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The costs in the table do include anaesthesia, postoperative care/per hospital day and compression clothing.  If the volume of treatment is lower/higher, costs may be adjusted. When several surgical operations are carried out together, discounts are applied.

In accordance with the commentary on article 20 of the Republic of Lithuania law on VAT, in the absence of medical indications, procedures are taxed with VAT. Whether VAT (21%) is added to the denoted price or not, doctors decide during a consultation.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Price in € Price in £
The reference prices of plastic surgery
Breast augmentation with round Motiva implants 3675 3165
Breast augmentation and lift with round Motiva implants 4675 4026
Breast augmentation with transfer fat 3075 2648
Breast implants removal (not all inclusive) 1800 1550
Mastopexy (Breast lift) 3075 2648
Breast reduction 3375 2907
Massive breast reduction 3675 3165
Body Sculpting  Price in € Price in £
Liposuction (one area) 400 – 600 344 – 516
Tummy tuck with flanks’ liposuction 3175 2708
Brachioplasty (arm lift) 2775 2390
Thigh lift 3275 2821
Buttock lift 3175 2708
Mini tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty) 2675 2304
Fat transfer to the buttocks 3475 2993
Face Corrections Price in € Price in £
Full face-lift (forehead, middle and lower face) 4500 3839
Endoscopic forehead lift 2025 1727
Classical middle-lower face-lift 3375 2879
Neck and middle face lift 3575 3050
Septorhinoplasty 2995 2580
Nose tip surgery 1875 1600
Secondary rhinoplasty (price may differ) 3275 2624
Nose hump reduction 1975 1680
Upper eyelid correction 1095 934
Lower eyelid correction 1295 1115
Lip augmentation with fat transfer 1375 1173
Lip augmentation with injections (1 lip / lips) 180 / 250 155 / 220
Otoplasty 1195 1028

Clients’ Testimonials

Wellness Travels’ services were very professional. Paulius (the travel assistant) is great and only a phone call away if needed. Everything was clear at all times. The same goes for the clinic and the hotel. The only issue I had was that I did not know that the blood tests was a separate charge beforehand.

- Hugh Fagan, Ireland (2013)

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Treatment’s quality Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 5/5
Treatment’s price Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 5/5
The clinic and it’s staff Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 10/10
The hotel and it’s staff Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 10/10
Plastic surgeon’s communication skills Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 5/5
Confidence in the plastic surgeon Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 5/5
Information prior the surgery Plastic Surgery Clinic Abroad 5/5

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The whole experience has been amazing. The prices have been good, the selection process – everything so far has been excellent. It was just as good, if not better than having the surgery in the UK. I would definitely recommend it.

- Nila (England), 2014

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Treatment’s quality 5 stars 10/10
Treatment’s price 5 stars 10/10
The clinic and it’s staff 5 stars 10/10
Plastic surgeon 5 stars 10/10
Travel assistance 5 stars 10/10

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Disclaimer: every result is individual.

plastic surgery abroad

Offer extended

Medical travel all but stopped in the 1st half of 2020. Hence, our most popular offer – free hotel stay for all mommy makeover patients – is being extended until December 2021. Pay only for the treatment ❤️

*For as long as necessary for the recovery.

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    This post is also available in: Dutch

    This post is also available in: Dutch