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Health Check / Diagnostics

Health check can prevent health disorders before they start and save you a good deal of money. When the problem is found early the treatment is cheaper and the healing process is faster. In only one day you can have preventive health check, instrumental examinations and laboratory examinations.

  • Price –  €350 full health check;
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed;
  • Everything done in 1 day;
  • Tailored to your needs.
Health check-up in Lithuania

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About Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is travelling abroad for high quality healthcare at affordable prices and/or no waiting times. Not to mention, that one also gets all-inclusive care and enjoys all the regular holiday elements, such as relaxation and sightseeing! Our team will help you with everything from A to Z during your medical tourism experience.

  • All-inclusive care;
  • Affordable prices;
  • No waiting times;
  • Easy procedure.
Medical Tourism

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Destination – Lithuania

Lithuanian healthcare is renowned for quality and transparency. The country is regarded as a high standard care provider at fair prices. You can also reach Lithuania just in a couple of hours from anywhere in Europe, which, together with many sightseeing opportunities, makes it a perfect medical tourism destination.

  • EU quality standards;
  • Up to 300% saving rate;
  • Only 1-3 hours of air-travel;
  • Much to discover.
Medical Tourism

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All Needed Information

We will provide you with all the information you need. You can read about our healthcare partners that would take care of you; testimonials from people that previously used our services; frequently asked questions; price comparison with other EU countries and much more. If you do not find what you need – simply inquire us.

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