GREAT NEWS:: From now on people who can represent vaccination certificate can travel to Lithuania without any restrictions. Everyone else has to represent negative Covid test and isolate during all their stay. Surgery can be performed during the isolation period. Learn more here or contact us. Most importantly, stay safe & healthy 💙

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 Why Choose Us

High Quality Treatments

Our clinic is a world-class organisation that complies with all EU regulations. Moreover, the doctors and surgeons all have at least 10 years of international experience. This allow us to succeed in our main goals – safety of the patient and the results of the treatment. The most popular treatments are:

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Affordable & All-inclusive

At Wellness Travels we make your medical tourism experience worry-free. But this owes not only to an all-inclusive package. Lower rents & taxes in Lithuania, allow us to offer much better prices (more than two times lower than those in the UK or Scandinavia). Check what is included:
  • Finding flights and booking the hotel;
  • Personal travel manager & 24/7 assistance;
  • Pick up / drop off at the airport, transportation;
  • Phone + Lithuanian SIM card for unlimited use;
  • Help with after-care and rehabilitation;
  • Reliable insurance covering surgical malpractice.

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Happy Previous Patients

Excellent quality and honest pricing give results – our previous patients have graded our services with 4.8/5 on average (on We do everything not to fall below this high standard. Simply contact us now and you will see that by yourself!

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Disclaimer: every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

About us

Wellness Travels is a leading full-service clinic – medical tourism provider in Lithuania, EU. Our team makes all the necessary arrangements and provides full care for those who seek highest quality plastic and cosmetic surgeries at affordable prices. We also partner with top-class clinics in dentistry, vision correction, dermatology, weight-loss surgery, orthopaedics and diagnostics. Concentrating on Scandinavia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany Wellness Travels tailors the services to fit every customer’s needs.

Medical personnel and travel managers

We are considered as the best in plastic surgery in the whole region, serving over 100 patients from abroad each year.

This post is also available in: Danish, Dutch, Swedish