Workflow using Streak (install it if you don’t have it, it will auto-load in Gmail).

Screenshot of how to access the email templates:

Email templates to use for:

1. Typical inquiries:
Find the email template (listed in the WT checklist – ask Gedas) by surgery name, customize them if needed, add their name, answer additional questions they asked in previous email, etc.

2. If they submitted photos (but have not answered the necessary questions), send them the questionnaire email template. NOTE: all the standard email replies include those questions, so this step is usually unnecessary.

3. Once they’ve answered the questionnaire or if the surgery they’re looking for doesn’t have a questionnaire email template, forward it to the surgeon.

4. When clinic replies with price, use the “Sending the exact price (quote)” email template, and add in what the surgeon’s recommendations are, change the treatment name and pricing.

5. If they decide to book (and don’t send in their personal details required for contract), reply them with the ‘Requesting INFO for contract‘ template, feel free to edit it to make it sound nicer

6. Once the clinic sends over the contracts, send the patient “Contract- sending contract” email template
Attach 2 contracts (1 by clinic, 1 you have to create for WT – see WT checklist), and 1 invoice (you also have to create for WT – see WT checklist)

After you’ve sent that, create a new reply, use the “surgery info docs – schedule send after contracts” email template and attach the remaining surgery documents, and choose “Send later”, select any time from 3 days to 1 week later, so they don’t get too many information all at once.


1. When sending email to surgeon, after you’ve sent the email, always add a Snooze “only if no one replies” for 2 or 3 days


2. When replying email to leads, after you’ve sent the email, always add a Snooze if no reply for 1 week. 2-3 days if their case is more urgent.

This is done so no email gets missed.
And we can follow up with a person if they stopped replying.