Ofte stillede spørgsmål om medicinske rejser

Har du spørgsmål / bekymringer om medicinsk rejse? Det er sandsynligt, at du finder det forklaret nedenfor i ofte stillede spørgsmål om medicinske rejser. Hvis noget, er det bare at komme i kontakt med os.

IMPORTANT news: Danish residents will now require a 72 h. quarantine when coming to our clinic (based in Lithuania) and then during the recovery period (usually, 4-5 days after the surgery). That's a temporary measure until covid-19 cases go down in Denmark. All affected bookings can be changed free of charge. Learn more at our blog or contact us. Most importantly, stay safe & healthy 💙🇩🇰

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Frequently asked questions

Medical travel

Medical travel

How does medical travel look like?

To put simply, medical travel is going abroad for treatment or wellness procedures. Such a trip normally looks as following: 1) a day of consultations; which is followed by 2) the treatment/surgery; and then 3) recovering/rehabilitation for a few days. After that a medical tourist may fly back home or spend some more time sightseeing, etc.

What are the benefits of medical travel?

There are several noteworthy benefits for medical travellers. Among which:

  • Lower costs than in the home country
  • Better quality and/or customer service
  • Lower waiting times for the desired procedure(s)
  • All-inclusive care in and outside the clinic
  • More privacy

Can I take someone else with me to a medical trip?

Of course! We at Wellness Travels ensure pleasant stay for both the patient and his/her co-travellers. Besides, recovery is more fun with a friend or family member next by.

When it comes to accommodation & transportation the price will not differ much if you take someone with you. For example, a single room in our partner hotel is €32 per day, while a double is €38.

Can I organise a medical trip on my own?

Yes, you are free to do so. However, note that organising everything by yourself will take much time & effort. And, probably it will cost you even more money than choosing us. This is due to the fact, that Wellness Travels welcomes over 100 patients from abroad every year; and, thus, gets special prices for most of the services included in the travel packages.

In any case, if you decide to go on your own, still drop us a message! We will do our best to help.

Is medical travel safe?

Whether you decide to get medical treatment in your home country or in Lithuania, it can pose certain risks/complications.

Our clinic is known for its expertise and high healthcare standards; therefore, the risks are kept to a minimum. Yet, of course, every medical treatment has certain risks. All of them, even the least likely ones, will be discussed with you personally during the free online consultation. You can also look at the risks of certain treatments under their respective descriptions.

We understand that going abroad for medical treamtent/surgery is a big decision for you. Therefore, we always encourage prospective patients to do their research.

You can learn more about our clinic and physicians and the experience of the previous patients on our website, as well as other platforms (Trustpilot, Realself, etc.)

What if there will be complications during treatment abroad?

Whether you decide to get medical treatment in your home country or in Lithuania, it can pose certain risks/complications.

You can look at the risks of certain treatments under their respective descriptions. Our clinic is known for its expertise and high healthcare standards; therefore, the risks are kept to a minimum.

While you are still in Lithuania: in case you are feeling unwell or there is anything abnormal, you will be immediately checked upon by the medical personnel. Should there be a need for a follow-up procedure, it would be carried out for you free of charge.

Complication in the later stages of the recovery is even rarer and most of the time not an emergency. If they happen, our surgeon would consult you online and explain the steps to take.

What about health insurance?

For all plastic surgeries at our clinic, there is an insurance for up to €35000 provided. This covers injury (impairment of health) as a result of direct legitimate actions taken in providing medical services (malpractice insurance).

If your home country’s is in the EU/EEA, your medical insurance should be valid in LIthuania too (you need to possess European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), however). If unsure, please check with your national insurer.



Why would I choose Lithuania for medical travel?

This small and unique country in the middle of Europe is an excellent destination for a medical trip. By choosing Lithuania you get:

  • All-inclusive care
  • European Union standards in healthcare
  • Modern facilities with a state-of-art equipment
  • Latest methods and techniques in treatment
  • Professional and internationally acclaimed specialists
  • Low costs
  • Total privacy and confidentiality

Moreover, convenient air-travel make it easy to plan your trip and the calming nature of Lithuania will make your recovery easier.

Why health care is less expensive in Lithuania?

Because of lower taxes and cheaper labour costs, health care, as well as other services and goods are less expensive in Lithuania than in Western Europe or Scandinavian countries. The cost of living in Lithuania is relatively low; clinics and other facilities have to pay smaller rents and salaries to their personnel, hence, you get a better price for the final service.

Even though the cost of health care is less, its quality is world class. The most experienced and internationally acclaimed specialists are working at our clinic.

You can watch our explanatory video on Youtube.

Will there be a language barrier in Lithuania?

The medical personnel are fluent in English. Thus, our patients have no difficulties in communication. The same can be said about our other services’ providers.

In general, Lithuanians have good command of English. Yet, this is less true among the older generation.

How to reach Lithuania?

You can reach Lithuania in 1-3 hours from most of Europe. Direct flights are available from cities in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux countries and elsewhere.

You can either contact us for the most convenient/cheapest flight options or look them up yourself on our platform or e.g. Skyscanner.

Wellness Travels

Wellness Travels

What is Wellness Travels?

Wellness Travels is a plastic surgery provider in Kaunas (Lithuania, EU). We are driven by a powerful belief, that health care should be personal, safe & fairly priced.

We like to say that our clinic is not a factory. That is we work only with a limited number of patients per year. That helps us to provide our best and give much-needed personal attention to the people.

Learn more.

What services do you provide?

First, we offer safe & fairly priced plastic surgeries, as well as other procedures,/span>.

Our treatment packages also include the following:

  • Making sure our patients have all the relevant information on time
  • Organising initial online consultations with the surgeon
  • Reserving the necessary facilities & specialists for the treatment
  • Finding the best possible travel & accommodation for you
  • Assisting 24/7 while in Lithuania
  • Organising transportation between the clinic, hotel & airport
  • Taking care of your co-travellers
  • Arranging the needed relaxation/leisure & anything else required by the patient
  • Providing necessary support in later stages of recovery

How experienced are your surgeons?

All our surgeons have more than 12 years of extensive experience (as of 2018). They have practiced at the top level in several European countries.
Want to learn more? Read on. Alternatively, you can have a free online consultation and get to know the doctor yourself.

How long are the waiting times at your clinic?

The usual waiting time for plastic surgeries is around 3 weeks. Sometimes it can be shorter or longer. Yet, we always try to be flexible and find the best possible date for our patients.

In case of smaller procedures, we might be able to accommodate them in to our schedule on a short notice. Simply contact us & we will let you know all the possibilities.

Can I get an online consultation with my surgeon?

Yes, of course. Right now we are offering free online consultations with the surgeon to our prospective plastic surgery patients. It can be done via Skype or Facetime.

During the consultation the doctor will:

  • Answer your questions/concerns
  • Tell about the treatment & risks involved
  • Evaluate your individual case/needs
  • Give you an advice/recommendations
  • Prepare a treatment plan for you

All of this non-binding, so you can decide whether to come to Lithuania later.

Do I have to see a medical professional before coming to Lithuania?

EAs each individual case is different, before your visit to Lithuania our medical team will give you a free online consultation. Your needs will be thoroughly and closely inspected. In some cases, it is crucial for you to make a prior-doctor consultation, in others it is not required. Our medical team will let you know about any necessary preparations for your medical trip to Lithuania.

What about post-treatment care in medical travel?

Aftercare recommendations for specific treatments, such as minimum stay in Lithuania or what should be avoided after the operation, can be found under treatment descriptions. It is important to follow these recommendations to ensure that the recovery goes smoothly. At the time of the initial free online consultation, our medical team will guide you through everything you need to know, including the aftercare.

Wellness Travels will definitely not forget you when you come back to your home country. We will provide you with emergency contacts, timely assistance & rehabiltation advice.

In some rare cases, you may need a special medical care after leaving Lithuania. If so, you will be asked to talk with your local primary care specialist before the trip so that they can give you the necessary care afterwards.

How do I proceed with Wellness Travels?

If you are interested in getting safe, personal & affordable treatment, simply choose the most convenient way to contact us:

Is the result guaranteed?

Every result is individual. Yet, we put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

Take a look at before/after gallery of our plastis surgeries.

How do you ensure privacy/safety of my personal information?

First, we have a commitment to take your privacy most seriously. A multi-layer security is in place:

  • No personal data is being held on our own servers/database;
  • All such data goes directy to a secure server provided by Google;
  • Only authorised personnel has access to it;
  • Personal data is deleted after 6 months;
  • No credit card data is stored. All transactions are handled by trusted & secure third parties (either Paypal or Paysera).

Want to learn more? Take a look at our privacy policy, We made it simple.

Do you have social responsibility?

Yes, one of Wellness Travels’ core values is to help people. Therefore, we are actively giving back to the community (especially, the elderly & displaced people). Read more



How much will it cost me? Are there any hidden costs?

You can find our transparent (all-inclusive) prices here. They include everything you will need, except for air travel & accommodation (when discharged from the clinic). This is because these expenses depend on the airline & your preferences. Otherwise, there are no hidden costs.

Please note, however, that the treatment is unique for every individual (i.e. there might be less/more required). Therefore, it is necessary that the surgeon looks at your case & provides his recommendations. For that please fill-in a safe form on our website.

Worth knowing: when 2 or more surgeries are carried out together, big discounts are applied.

How much will I save by choosing Wellness Travels?

Compared to Scandinavia, the Netherlands or the UK, medical treatments in Lithuania are 2-4 times cheaper. The final costs depend on your personal preferences for accommodation and travel, but even with everything included, you can save up to 75% if you decide to choose Wellness Travels. Since we have an extensive network of partnerships (as well as medical travel management experience), we can ensure you the best prices in Lithuania.

Check out our treatments’ price comparison with your country (available: UK, Ireland, Scandinavian countries & The Netherlands).

Is it possible to get reimbursed for treatment abroad?

Services provided in our clinic are recognised by the majority of main (health) insurers. These companies can, thus, reimburse certain medical expenses even if you undergo the treatment in another EU member state (e.g. Lithuania). UK patients are not excluded (in theory until the exit from the EU, but possibly even after that).

Treatments that are likely to be reimbursed (yet, that depends on every individual case, as well as insurer’s policies): tummy tuck, breast reduction, arm lift and thigh lift (usually, after bariatric/weight-loss treatment), eyelid correction, nose bridge correction, snorring treatment, etc.

Read more here.

How do I pay for everything?

The full payment for the medical procedures have to be done upon your arrival to the clinic in Lithuania. In some cases, you will be required to pay a deposit of up to 20% of the total sum (to reserve the surgery spot), as the clinic may need to make preparations prior to your surgery. Usually, you can get back the full deposit if you inform us about any changes no later than two weeks before the treatment date.

The deposit payment can be done easily via a bank transfer, PayPal or with a credit card.

Could not find an answer to your specific question in medical travel FAQ? Simply contact us or click on the live chat widget at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are believers in straightforward & honest communication.

IMPORTANT news: Danish residents will now require a 72 h. quarantine when coming to our clinic (based in Lithuania) and then during the recovery period (usually, 4-5 days after the surgery). That's a temporary measure until covid-19 cases go down in Denmark. All affected bookings can be changed free of charge. Learn more at our blog or contact us. Most importantly, stay safe & healthy 💙🇩🇰

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