Why Lithuania?

Lithuania is one of the top destinations for medical tourism

High Quality

Lithuanian healthcare is renowned for quality and transparency: it strictly meets all of the European Union standards. Besides, Wellness-Travels partners only with the premier clinics in the country. As a result, we can offer:

  • Experienced physicians;
  • State-of-art technology;
  • Latest treatment methods;
  • Maximum safety.
Healthcare in Lithuania
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Affordable Prices

In Europe, Lithuania is regarded as a high quality care provider at affordable prices. The price advantage is due to lower taxes and less expensive labour, hence you pay mostly for the treatment. This grants a saving rate of:

  • -162% to Scandinavians;
  • -154% to UK citizens;
  • -109% to Dutch;
  • -321% for US citizens.

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Easy to Reach

In the modern world of today you can reach Lithuania just in several hours from any place in the world. Well developed, cheap, fast and abundant air-travel makes it easier than ever:

  • 3 international airports;
  • Direct flights from every major European hub;
  • Convenient flights from US
  • Only few hours of air-travel.
Easy to reach
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Much to Discover

Lithuania has much to offer, from many types of leisure activities to a wide list (around 1000) of sightseeing objects. Here you will definitely find something that you have never seen anywhere else. These include:

  • UNESCO Heritage objects;
  • Must-see main cities;
  • Wonderful seaside;
  • Peaceful nature parks.

Baltic seaside
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